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What’s your Ted Lasso leadership lesson for the week?

I just wrapped up a coaching call with a client, and as we finished up, we got on the topic of Ted Lasso and the incredible leadership lessons throughout the show.

Just one scene in this week’s episode–the scene in the locker room at halftime during the game against Chelsea–held multiple powerful moments of wisdom.

Your Ted Lasso Leadership Lesson 
 | Cynthia Farrell | 110 West Group

Without spoiling the episode if you haven’t seen it yet, all of these truths were packed into just a few minutes:

  • The terrible power that hurtful words said in the service of our own egos can have on others. For years. Decades even.
  • The harmful ability of one leader to shut down brainstorming and collaboration through fear.
  • The value of leveraging the creativity, experience, and perspective of the collective.
  • Leaders don’t have all of the answers. Nor should they. That’s what teams are for.
  • And my favorite recurring Ted Lasso lesson: the importance of a sincere and simple apology when you’ve made a mistake, and the equal importance of accepting the apology with grace.

It’s hard to bang out that much leadership wisdom in an intensive residential program. They nailed it in minutes.

I’d love to hear what your takeaways are from the first two episodes of the season! Contact me.

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