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Executive Coaching

Step into your full leadership potential

Leadership–it’s not for the faint of heart, especially if you want to be a great leader. The secret is that you can be a great leader AND lead with ease. It comes down to one core question: are you willing to do the work to get there?

As your executive coach, my role is to give you the space and support to step into your full leadership potential and to find the place of ease in your leadership style.

I know we can get there because I’ve done it myself, and I use my experience to frame my coaching style–a blend of compassion and candor.

Who you are

You’re an executive or senior leader who wants to grow your leadership capability while learning how to lead with ease. (In privately-funded tech? That’s an extra area of alignment for us.)

What we work on

We’ll leverage the best-in-class Leadership Circle Profile for focused work on mindset, self-perception, navigating change, leading teams, and building relationships.

What to expect

My own experiences frame my coaching. That means I weave practices of mindfulness, a belief in positive intent, and a mindset of abundance into my coaching. 

Working together

With a commitment to growth and change, we start with 6- or 12-month engagement and go from there. Click HERE for an example 6-month coaching engagement.

If you’re ready to step into your full leadership potential, and want to find a way to lead with ease, let’s find time to discuss how we can work together.

Candor and Compassion

It is rare in the business world to see someone who has the ability to give direct feedback that is delivered in the best way possible for the receiver.

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