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Chart your leadership path

You Chart Your Leadership Legacy

What do you want it to be?

Every day, through your actions and behaviors, you write your own leadership legacy. But is the way you’re showing up how you want to be remembered? Are you getting the results that are expected of you? It comes down to one core question: Are you a leader that others want to work with and for?

With executive coaching, we’ll define your leadership legacy and map your through-line to effective leadership. We’ll explore two paths, as we leverage your strengths while we close any gaps. And you’ll dig deep to find the answers you have within you and own your brilliance.

➸ 1:1 EXECUTIVE COACHING: Work with a coach who’s been there. Focus areas include high-potential development, shifting limiting beliefs, influencing, executive presence, leading and developing teams, and organizational navigation.

➸ ASSESSMENT: Using self-assessments, 360s, or narrative feedback, we’ll map where you’re at so you can determine where to focus. Solutions include EQ-1 2.0/360, Profilor, and DiSC.

➸ GROUP COACHING: Leveraging economies of scale, you’ll get a cohort-based program of leaders who learn from each other–the best way to learn–with the guidance and direction of an experienced facilitator.

➸ EXECUTIVE ADVISORY: Sometimes you don’t want a coach–you want advice. With a decade of experience guiding leaders in talent and culture, you’ll receive strategic support from a trustworthy ally.

What’s in it for you & your leadership legacy: You’ll get a executive coach who brings deep empathy and compassion balanced with direct feedback and earned wisdom. And you’ll build the skills to be a leader who gets results while being someone others want to work with and for.

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Candor & Compassion

It is rare in the business world to see someone who has the ability to give direct feedback that is delivered in the best way possible for the receiver.

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