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Guiding leaders and teams toward
healthy, sustainable growth

Helping privately-funded tech companies move faster together,
through cohesion, trust, and elevated leadership potential.


Does it feel like everyone on your team is moving forward, but in different directions?

Uncertain Growth

Meeting your goals and making a strong exit feels out of reach. You throw spaghetti, but it only sticks sometimes.

Lack of Alignment

You keep telling them what the focus is, but it’s like everyone goes off and works on what they THINK the business needs.

Team? What team?

Relationships are surface level, meaning low trust, collaboration, & innovation. You can’t fill each other’s gaps or ask for help.

Delegation Feels Difficult

Everything falls on you or you closely shepherd tasks when you take the risk to hand them off.

Working Harder Than Necessary

Efforts are often duplicated. You all put in 5x the work for half the return because great ideas rarely cross-fertilize.

You Question Your Leadership

Thoughts like “Why can’t I do this myself?” and “What if I’m not up to the task?” occupy your mind. (Hint: you’re not alone.)

Does this sound familiar? If so, the good news is that taking time to change the status quo won’t impact your growth plan.

Every leader and team has the potential…

To leave a legacy of trust, collaboration, and innovation
on the path to rapid growth.

Align, collaborate,
& scale at a rapid pace

Enhance your team’s leadership capability
so that you can move forward faster, together.



Move in one direction through clear norms, rules of engagement, and behavioural alignment that accelerates your growth trajectory.


Build strong working relationships to leverage each other’s strengths, fill gaps, collaborate, and tasks risks.


Equip your leaders with the self-awareness to navigate any leadership situation, no matter how high the stakes.

Cynthia Farrell

Executive Coach & Sustainable Growth Expert

Leadership teams move fast because they are committed to ambitious growth targets, but they often struggle to move forward together.

As a result, everyone works harder than necessary and in opposing directions, falling short of their full potential to innovate, take risks, and scale at a fast pace.

As the former Head of People for a PE-funded tech company that experienced a unicorn exit, I understand how challenging it feels when you’ve got a team of great people who just aren’t aligned.

That’s why I created The Compass Team Experience – a data-backed approach to building the cohesion, trust, and elevated leadership required to achieve growth targets in a healthy and sustainable manner.

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The Compass Team Experience

Take your team from  struggling to move forward together, to operating with the cohesion, relationships, and elevated leadership required for sustainable growth.


Go from lacking focus and clarity, to understanding how you can improve – both individually and as a team.


Overcome disconnection. Build trust, understand how to leverage each other’s strengths, and create a plan of action for growth.


Maintain momentum while confirming commitment, measuring performance, and accelerating growth.


Highly efficient, structured and methodical approach …”

“Our team wasn't a "team"--they all had their own responsibilities, the business has been siloed, and there was a lot of wasted effort on replicating processes. The highly efficient, structured, and methodical approach of the Compass Team Experience brought us together to face the truth. Now we can openly talk about gaps without it being an elephant in the room. We have efficient working relationships and engagement is happening naturally. We’ve finally accelerated our goals as a team.”

JamesCOO, Business Analytics & IS Services

Shape leaders & teams
aligned to ambitious goals

Leave a legacy of trust, collaboration, and innovation
on your path to rapid growth.

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Gear Up

Gain new perspective on what is possible for your team.
Schedule a call to discuss your targets and current challenges.

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Come together though the Compass Team Experience to build the leadership capabilities for healthy growth in high-stakes environments.

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Move faster, together,
and achieve your goals in a sustainable and scalable manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skeptics are skeptics because they care.

Do you work with companies like mine?

The answer is YES if:

  • You want a leadership team that is cohesive and aligned, AND you’re ready and willing to do the work to get there.
  • You want the work to be challenging, but also rewarding and – dare we say it – fun.
  • You value outside expertise and perspectives.
  • You want the leaders on your team to hold themselves and each other accountable.
  • You want to be the best leader you can be.

The answer is ”nope” if you aren’t willing to make the time commitment, only care about KPIs, and think the solution is to “just fix my team.”

And while I specialize in working with high-growth tech companies, this experience is equally valuable in other sectors, as long as growth is the goal.

How involved do I need to be? What’s the time commitment?

You’re the leader, and you and your team need to be involved every step of the way—that’s how we get to results. The complete experience runs over the course of 12 months; the monthly time commitment shifts throughout the experience, with each component designed for maximum impact and direct action that directly drives your growth.

How soon will we see results?

You’ll see results starting in Gear Up, as we leverage best-in-class assessments to get a pulse on individual and collective leadership effectiveness, and make plans for action. As we Gather, you’ll rapidly recognize improvements in relationships and collaboration that drive alignment in how you work as a team. And GO! will keep you focused on your progress and adjusting your action plans, with intentional time to celebrate your success.

Is this just going to be kumbaya?

Nope. There actually isn’t a campfire with s’mores and a sing-a-long as part of this experience (although we could always make that happen if desired). We WILL go deep into how you lead as individuals and as a team. That’s hard and deep work that requires vulnerability—and vulnerability can be exhausting. So we WILL have fun because fun is important for balance and to help build trust. But no kumbaya. No trust falls. (At least not planned. If you do it on your own, that’s up to you.)