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Want better business results?

Let’s put you on the path to “better.”

110 West Group exists to help your business build better leaders, teams and culture so you can achieve your business goals. We believe that to truly strengthen your business, you have to understand that “better” business means investing in your people– from 1:1 individual coaching to culture-wide transformation–so you achieve your business goals.

Working closely alongside you & your teams, 110 West Group is your expert guide to achieving definitive results. Together, we’ll map your through-line to greater success and deliver:

Culture that’s aligned to your mission and vision & attracts and retains top talent.

Leaders others want to work for & who get results.

Teams that get sh*t done & have fun doing it.

When leaders, teams, and culture work in harmony, you get better business results–and we don’t need to define what “better” means there.

Let’s better your business together.

Cynthia is an exceptionally driven talent and thinker who acts as a true business partner
and trusted advisor. She leads by example and champions the successes of others.

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Develop, motivate, & engage for results

Engage an expert who can assess, strategize and execute a plan when your team (& bottom line) depends on it.

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Work with a 1:1 leadership coach and executive advisor who meets you where you’re at… and raises your bar.

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Bring in a dynamic speaker who engages and motivates attendees with humor & business wisdom that won’t be forgotten.

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A Force of Nature Walks into the Room…

Professional, Accountable & Serious | Fun

I’m Cynthia Farrell, Owner & Principal of 110 West Group. I’ve been described as dynamic, direct, and “one smart cookie.” I’m passionate about getting you business results, and I’m insistent that we enjoy ourselves while we build your company (and probably have a cocktail or two).

With more than 25 years of experience in building talent and culture, I’m an expert in how to motivate, educate, and develop your people with the purpose of achieving your strategic goals. And I’m an engaging speaker who commands a room while I make an impact & make people laugh.

YOUR (SMART) QUESTION: Can I wave my strategic wand & work my magic for your organization? From PE-funded to non-profit to Fortune 100 companies, yes I can — and I’m known for keeping my word.

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