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Louder for the people in the back:

Want a master class in leadership? Watch Ted Lasso.

I posted about Ted Lasso a number of weeks ago on the day of the Season 2 premiere. I’m not alone in my Ted Lasso leadership love. 

Brené Brown gets the award for biggest Ted Lasso leadership fan (and has me asking for a Roy Kent hoodie for my birthday).

Fast Company gets Ted too. This article sums up 5 of the key leadership lessons (out of many more) from the show.

🔑 Be curious, not judgmental.
🔑 Bench the bad actors.
🔑 Admit when you’re wrong–and apologize.
🔑 Believe.
🔑 Kindness matters.

📌 I’ll add my top leadership lesson from the show not listed here: When someone apologizes, say thank you. Full stop. (Props to young Phoebe for mastering this lesson.)

🔹 Whether you’re a Ted Lasso fan or not, I want to hear from you: Which of these leadership lessons speaks loudest to you?

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