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Leaders, here’s a Truth Bomb for you:

If you don’t set your boundaries, other people are more than happy to set them for you.

I learned over the years to be clear about my boundaries, especially when it came to the blend of work and life.

It didn’t mean that I never allowed those boundaries to expand. When needed, I would.

But because I was clear about what the boundaries were, to begin with, the expansion didn’t establish an expectation–it was an exception.

I set them not with non-negotiable pronouncements, but through the way in which I worked while holding myself accountable for what I committed to.

More often than not, people respected those boundaries and rarely tried to set them for me.

So there’s your Truth Bomb, my friends.

Set your boundaries.

If you don’t, others will be more than happy to set them for you.

What’s a boundary that you’ve set? What’s the impact been?

Contact me! Let’s continue the conversation.


Setting Boundaries | 110 West Group | Cynthia Farrell

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