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Serendipity is amazing. And I’m not talking about the Kate Beckinsale/John Cusack movie. Although I do love that movie.

Last week on a group call hosted by Leah Neaderthal, one of the other members of the group, Kelsey Crowe, was talking about her work to bring #empathy training to organizations.

With my HR background, #emotionalintelligence certification (with empathy a key component of EQ), and awareness of hot topics in employee wellness, I was able to weigh in. The topic of empathy is front-of-mind in #leadership right now, and I shared with Kelsey some ideas to get in front of the right people in organizations. 

Me: “In fact, there’s this book I read a few years ago about empathy that I love to recommend to people, and just recommended to a leader a few weeks ago. The name is… oh it’s escaping me… the name is… ‘There’s No Good…'”

Kelsey: “‘There’s No Good Card for This!’ That’s my book! I wrote that book!”

Jaw-drop moment. That’s me being excited in the photo below.

Serendipity is amazing | 110 West Group | Cynthia Farrell

I was on a call with an author whose work has greatly and positively impacted me. An empathy mentor if you will.

And I had value and expertise to provide to her.

I can’t explain the power of that moment. 

We all have our areas of expertise. We all have our value to share. We all have our genius. And when we share that openly, and open ourselves to others’ brilliance, amazing moments of serendipity can occur.

I’ve linked to Kelsey’s book in the comments. Check it out–you’ll be so glad you did.

And if you want to build EQ and empathy in your organization, reach out to me about the EQi assessment, and Kelsey about her Empathy Bootcamp.

What serendipity have you experienced recently?

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