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This week I had the opportunity to facilitate the Center for Creative Leadership Better Conversations Everyday Workshop with one of my clients. It. Was. Awesome.

(Many thanks to my supporting facilitators as seen in the photo. Well, when they weren’t sleeping on the job.)

It was so rewarding to hear the a-has and see the moments of insight that happened throughout the session. And it was an absolute joy to spend 8 hours over 2 days with these leaders who were engaged throughout and passionate about adding to their personal toolkits to make each conversation better.

During our time together, we built the 4 core behaviors of having better conversations:

  • Listen to Understanding by listening for facts, feelings, and values
  • Ask Powerful Questions to provoke reflection and self-solving of challenges
  • Challenge and Support through CCL’s incredibly effective feedback model and asking next-level powerful questions
  • Establish Next Steps and Accountability to drive outcomes and change

As I explained to the group, this workshop is a coaching skills program without labeling it a “coaching skills” program, and all of the associated burden, expectations, and intimidation.

In addition, the connection of this framework to diversity and inclusion efforts came out throughout our conversations.

But this program is so much more than a foundation for coaching and inclusion at work. The 4 core behaviors set the stage for how to improve ALL of our important conversations, both personal and professional.

The absolute greatest reward of facilitating these programs is to witness personal transformation. The 11 individuals I had the honor to spend the last two days brought their energy and openness to learn, and it truly was awesome.

In a month, we’ll have an accountability meeting to hear how they’ve brought these new skills to life, and what the impact has been. I’m so looking forward to hearing their stories.


If you’d like to create an environment for Better Conversations Everyday in your organization, let’s connect on how to bring this powerful workshop to your people.

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