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Every day, Ronan shows me what self-care can look like.

This is my dog Ronan, enjoying an afternoon break in the sun, taking part in some self-care. Self care lessons from my dog | 110 West Group | Cynthia Farrell

A few times a day, Ronan meanders out his dog door and finds his favorite spot in the grass.

He bakes on one side for a moment, then slooooooooowly rolls to the other side.

He bakes some more.

Once he’s fully baked, he rolls around a bit on his back, then saunters inside. He gets some love and then heads to the basement for a cool-down (he spends most of the day in the basement, so we’ll call that his “work” space).

Every time I watch this ritual, I’m struck by how he self-manages his self-care. He listens to what he wants and needs: when to go outside for some sunshine, when to turn over, and when to come back inside. And his joy at rolling around in the grass is contagious.

Social media has been ripe lately with posts on #mentalhealth, #wellbeing, and #selfcare, thanks to the bravery of Simone Biles. I love the conversations we’re having.

And I’m reminded that every day, Ronan shows me what self-care can look like: when you need it, you do it. It’s not rocket science.

What might happen if we all started to listen to our bodies and minds when we need to take care of ourselves, even just to take a short break? And to give grace and space to others when they need the same? What might be possible if we do that?

I’d planned a post today on #organizationalculture, the 5th in a series. I’ll get to that on Monday. My brain is tired. My friend Loni and her husband are arriving today to visit. I’ve decided to give myself some self-care and #BeLikeRonan.

I’m NOT going to go hang out in the sun and bake–I go from ghost to lobster and back again. But I’m going to listen to my body and brain, laugh with my friends, drink some wine, and reset.

My question, and challenge, to you:

What are you going to do TODAY–not this weekend, but TODAY–to take even 5 minutes for self-care and to #BeLikeRonan?

And if you’d like to share a photo of YOUR pet practicing the #BeLikeRonan mantra, I’d love to see them!

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