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It’s officially official! (Well, it was last Friday, but it’s been a crazy week.) I’m now a certified Leadership Circle Profile practitioner, one of 10,000 individuals worldwide working with Leadership Circle!

Blog |Cynthia Farrell | 110 West Group | certified leadership circle profile practitioner

I’m so impressed with the richness and depth of this 360 profile and excited to bring it to my consulting and coaching clients. The profile provides incredible insights for targeted leadership development, holding up the mirror to how you see yourself, and setting that next to the picture painted by those who work with you.

If you’re a leader ready to fully step into your leadership potential (or if you support leaders who are), the LCP is the perfect place to start. Reach out to learn more–I’d love to schedule time to hear about your needs and discuss how we can leverage the LCP.

PS – The LCP also is a great resource for leadership team development!

PPS – More to come! In November I’ll complete certification on the Collective Team Assessment, the perfect resource for leadership teams who want to understand how they and others view their collective leadership.


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