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I love libraries.

I’m back in my hometown of Geneseo, Illinois for a few days to see my parents. My brother and I alternate coming back every few months, as we both live in Colorado and my parents can’t come to us for health reasons.

When I need to take work calls, I head to the town library where they have small study rooms and fast WiFi (The WiFi in my parents’ senior living complex is run by a hamster in a wheel).

This is the “new” library built in 2011, not the one I grew up with. But it feels like home. All libraries do to me. Because the library was a place of happiness as a kid. A place where I could find books to disappear into, dig into archives (anyone remember the microfiche machine? I saw one today!), and explore possibilities. And it was safe—the bullies didn’t hang out at the library.

I Love Libraries | 110 West Group | Cynthia Farrell

Books and libraries had a major role in shaping the person and leader I am today.

Returning back to my hometown comes with conflicting emotions. But I’m always happy to go to the library.

(And I’m so grateful for the technology and flexibility to have coaching calls and client meetings from wherever I need to be!)

On the subject of libraries, I’d love to hear one of your favorite books as a kid or adolescent!

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