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“We want to build a coaching culture.”

I hear that a lot from clients and prospects. But what IS a “coaching culture”?

Coaching is a skill set. You can teach a skill set. But to shift your culture to one where important conversations happen regularly–which is what we tend to mean when we say “coaching culture,” you need to go beyond just coaching skills.

As the Center for Creative Leadership says, “Better culture starts with better conversations.”

To support my clients in this journey, last week I completed my certification to facilitate CCL’s Better Conversations Every Day (BCE). BCE applies a simple and practical approach to teaching a set of complex skills. We focus on 4 core behaviors applied to real workplace challenges to build trust, fuel collaboration, enable better business outcomes, and create immediate results.

  • Listen to Understand
  • Ask Powerful Questions
  • Challenge & Support
  • Establish Next Steps & Accountability
better conversations

With the BCE model, you set the foundation for a coaching culture, AND for a culture of trust, collaboration and results.

I’m excited to leverage CCL’s best-in-class, data-backed content with my clients for culture impact. Reach out to learn more about how we can bring this program (1 day, virtual or on-site) to your teams.

Which of these 4 behaviors do you think is the hardest to build?

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