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Quick tip for helping your people succeed:

  1. Pay attention
  2. Notice where they’re struggling even if they don’t bring it up.
  3. Identify how you can help without getting in the way.
  4. Ask if they want help.
  5. If they say yes, do it.

I’m not talking about doing work for them. I’m just talking about taking easy steps that are within your control to remove barriers.

Exhibit A: The house we purchased a few months ago has a really stupid entry. The landing from the front door is about 4 feet wide, then has a small step to the main floor.

The landing and the main floor are the same material, a light-colored tile.

It’s REALLY easy to miss the step and stumble. My husband and I have done it, guests have done it–it’s not a big step, but it doesn’t take much to twist an ankle or fall.

In the past week alone, my husband has fallen off the step probably 3 times, mostly when he’s been going in and out of the house trying to set up a wifi extender for me.

Long-term solution: This stupid flooring is getting torn out in the spring when we do a remodel. The landing we put in will be shorter AND a different material for visual and tactile clarity.

But in the meantime, I saw a problem I could easily solve for the short-term: a role of warning tape, complete with a gritty surface.

I asked if he would be ok with me putting warning tape down. He enthusiastically agreed. Ordered online, applied in 3 minutes.

When I showed him, he was really excited as it will make his many trips in and out of the door safer.

Quick Tips To Help Your People Succeed | 110 West group | Cynthia Farrell

I saw someone trying to accomplish a goal but struggling with a problem that I could easy solve. I had an idea to help and asked if he wanted my help. He did, so I executed.

Me solving the problem doesn’t take away from the work he’s doing, it just eases the path.

So leaders, pay attention to your people. Look for where they’re struggling, and ask yourself if there is something you can do to help without doing it for them. Ask if you can help and if they say yes, do it.

And no, the warning tape is not his Christmas gift. Although maybe it should have been.


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