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What are the foundational characteristics of effective teams? I’d like to thank Ted Lasso and the Greyhounds for setting the example in this week’s episode.

Ted’s “4 things” are slightly different words from how I describe the 4 Cardinal Directions of high-performing teams, but the concepts are the same.

⚽ Leadership (Ted’s “Conditioning”) – Constantly working to build the skills to enhance individual and collective potential

⚽ Collaboration (Ted’s “Versatility”) – Knowing each person’s strengths and gaps, and working together to make the whole stronger than its parts

⚽ Alignment (Ted’s “Awareness”) – Always knowing where you’re going and how you need to behave to get there

Ted Lassos Four Things | 110 West Group | Cynthia Farrell

⚽ Trust. As Trent Crimm nailed it in a so-subtle-you-almost-missed it comment at the end, Ted had been working for three years to build a culture of trust and support that would allow for a nimble, collaborative team. Trust and relationships are the absolute core of any highly effective team. Without it, nothing else matters.

This week wasn’t a high-concept episode like last. It was quiet and it was subtle. So many moments, both of individuals like Jamie or Sam’s dad, as well as of the collective team, were filled with insights and leadership lessons.

Just like with the teams I coach and guide, I can’t wait to see where Richmond is headed.

What was your favorite moment from this week’s episode? Reach out!

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