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Procrastination. Every time I find myself procrastinating, I think of this visual and consider where I am on the chart.Procrastination | Cynthia Farrell | 110 West Group

Last night I finally did something for the non-profit I chair that I’d been procrastinating on for TWO MONTHS.

Reason for procrastination? Stretched too thin.
Total time it took me? 10 minutes. Oof.

This morning I’m procrastinating on something for a client.

Reason for procrastination? I don’t know where to start. That’s usually why I procrastinate. But this is my typical MO, and I know I’ll figure out where to start and get it done–I always do.

It’s easy to judge ourselves when we’re procrastinating and chalk it up to being lazy or not caring enough. That’s never what it is.

When you find yourself procrastinating, give yourself some grace, pull up this pie chart, and consider what’s really holding you back.

Once you know the answer, you might find it easier to get started.

And now I need to figure out where to start on today’s task…

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