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As you head into 2022, what are you planning for leadership development in your organization?


Too many mid-size companies put leadership development in the “too hard” pile because they don’t know where to start. 

Perhaps they envision leadership development as a heavy lift made up of an extensive, nomination-based program, vestiges of having worked for a large organization that provides those types of experiences.

And they likely don’t have the expertise on staff to build a scalable leadership development strategy and plan. A mid-size company generally can’t make the case (and frankly doesn’t have the need) for a full-time strategic talent development expert.

Here’s the thing: Leadership development doesn’t have to be a heavy lift. You CAN offer meaningful leadership development at scale. And you CAN find outside resources to provide the expertise you need without the FT headcount.

Those expensive programs? They can be excellent solutions in large organizations, but generally don’t work when you’re scaling DOWN to a mid-size company (or smaller). So let that idea go.

Instead, leverage resources you already have or can obtain at sustainable rates. It just takes strategy, planning, intentionality, accountability. 

As for that talent development expert? Leverage the right talent, including outside the organization. This is my expertise, and I’d love to help. 

The Great Resignation is going to continue into 2022. Providing meaningful development for your leaders (and potential leaders) is an opportunity to show your commitment to them, and earn their commitment in return.

And you can do it at scale.

Scaling Leadership Development | 110 West Group  | Cynthia Farrell

Interested in exploring how to do this together? Reach out here and let’s chat. 

My question to you: What’s the most meaningful leadership development experience you’ve had?

Credit to the Center for Creative Leadership for the spot-on graphic!

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