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Do you invest in your top talent?

Yesterday, two friends reached out to me for advice on finding a new job. They have been with their current employers for a fair amount of time. They provide great value to their employers and have incredibly marketable skills. But their employers aren’t investing in them.

Employers, you need to be hyper-focused on what you’re doing to retain your top talent.

This does NOT mean cool benefits. The cool benefits don’t keep people.

This means:

  • Developing great leaders people want to work with and for.
  • Developing highly effective teams that also have fun together.
  • Building and maintaining a great culture where the values are more than words on a poster. The values come to life every day and are recognized. No toxic behavior is allowed.
  • Providing market-competitive+ compensation.
  • Providing great health care and retirement benefits.

I can help you with the top three. I know other experts who can help on the comp and benefits side.

As I said yesterday, if you don’t invest time and money into your talent, you don’t deserve the top talent you’ll lose.

As an aside, I don’t claim to be a career coach. There are people in my network who do that work and do it well. It humbles me that people come to me for advice on that topic. Apparently, they think I know stuff.

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