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Alignment takes more than clear communication of the business strategy.

Especially if your team is going to survive the wild west of rapid growth.

Alignment is also required on how you work together as a team.

Without clear rules of engagement and clear norms, you may remain aligned on your strategy, but not on how your team executes on the work.

If you aren’t aligned on the how, one of two things will happen:

  • You’ll crash and burn.
  • You’ll land the plane but you’ll land it ugly, taking out your passengers (team) and bystanders on the tarmac (other employees, customers, and partners).

If you want to have a clean landing on that growth plan, you need a plan that…

  • Defines collective behaviors
  • Clarifies individual expectations.
  • Ensures shared accountability.

And then there is one last element that ties this all together…


Commitment to your norms, your rules of engagement.
Commitment to how you’ll land the plane.

Have you ever been on a team that was aligned on business strategy, but not aligned on how to work together? What did that experience bring you?


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