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Is it possible that 1:1 leadership coaching can help you learn to fly?

Well, perhaps not literally, but definitely figuratively.

Yesterday only one student came to my yoga class. We’ll call her Liz.

A single-student class can be rewarding for both the teacher and student. It allows time to explore the nuances of specific postures and to build both strength and ease.

Liz is a regular in my classes, so I know her and her practice well. I know where she’s strong and confident, and where she has room to grow.

With yesterday’s class essentially a private session, we worked on some advanced poses. One was the hurdler’s pose, a fun arm balance that requires thoughtful preparation, attention to your center, intentional placement, high body awareness, and lots of self-trust.

Liz has been practicing yoga since 2008, but had never gotten into this pose to a point where she could lift her legs, balance on her arms, and “fly.”

So we slowed it down, broke it down. We talked through options. I made observations and gave suggestions. I asked questions about what she was feeling and where she was focused.

She tumbled the first time; I checked in to make sure she was ok, we assessed what happened, and tried again. When she didn’t fly on the first side, we talked about imbalance, as our bodies aren’t even, and one side often is an easier point of entry than the other.

Then she tried the second side.

On the second side, for the first time ever, she flew. It was just for a few seconds, and it wasn’t an Insta-worthy picture, but her feet were off the ground and she flew.

She was exhilarated.

What was different this time?

Although she’s been practicing for years and has a strong practice, it took some focused 1:1 time to fly.

This is what 1:1 leadership coaching can feel like. Even for strong leaders who have been in leadership roles for years, there is always room for improvement, expansion, and growth.

Sometimes we don’t know what’s possible. Sometimes we’re scared to try changing or growing our leadership approach because it seems hard. Or we tried before and failed.

That 1:1 support can make all the difference, especially when it comes to the sticky bits of leadership.

In a powerful coaching engagement, you have a 1:1 partner who understands your strengths, gaps, and goals, and who can and is willing to ask the tough questions while also providing suggestions for you to consider and explore.

The partnership opens up an expansion that starts with small steps; with your commitment and your coach’s support, your leadership capability grows exponentially.

Then at some point, you experience that sweet moment of “flight.”

And while you keep building that skill, you find the next thing to focus on and do it again.

Yes, you can do some of this work alone, yet that 1:1 support can make it faster, easier, and sweeter.

And don’t we all want our leadership to take flight?

Hey there! I’m a leadership team whispererexecutive coach, and speaker. I guide leadership teams in high-growth companies to achieve rapid growth in a healthy, sustainable way. I coach senior leaders to discover the path to lead with ease.

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